Share art not virus 

In these challenging times, we need artists more than ever. In the past few weeks, all the media, including social media, has been dominated by one topic. Our aim is to change the dialogue for the positive and we want to beautify our realities more by helping artists reach a wider audience.


Sharing and liking is also a BIG help! 

The work can be your own creation or from an artist you admire. Share a high quality photo of the work by tagging it with a hashtag #shareartnotvirus

Post your image either to our Facebook Page or post it to our Instagram feed.

Please take the time to include the artist’s name and surname, size, media used, location as well as links to web sites and/or social media, if you have this information.

For example: Pablo Picasso, 300cm x 200cm, oil on canvas, Madrid, Spain,

We are looking for images of paintings, murals, sculptures, installations, graphic design, posters, collages, photography, illustrations and other digital media like videos and sound art. If the art work is your own, please indicate that in the post or if the art work is someone you know and like.

By submitting your images to our competition, Galeria Ulegla has the right to use these images for promotional purposes.

Galeria Ulegla, based in Warszawa, Poland, will produce a curated group art show with the title “Share Art Not Virus” at some point in the future.
Or go directly to our Instagram: shareartnotvirus

Why do we want to help artists?

The COVID-19 pandemic has surprised the world and unfortunately artists and other creative professionals have been one of the hardest hit groups. We believe art can be an antidote to this pandemic with the demand for art, culture and contact with creators ever increasing. With museums and galleries having closed their doors, sharing art online is really the only way.

How can you help?

Support your local artist community and invest in art. The art market is not very dependent on the global economic situation. Investing in art is one of the better forms of investment even when necessary. You can’t afford the big expense? Do you work with local artists, not all of their works need to be expensive – can you ask for a smaller format or print? If you need help get involved with us.

Donate to our goal of producing a curated group show and for allowing future broadcasts from selected artists’ studios.

Follow us on Instagram and witness firsthand the stream of submissions from artists around the world.

Write to us if you have a different idea or opportunity to support artists. Send us an email to [email protected]