Art Spa – Art as an antidote
The exhibition is open
from Fri. 16.10 to point 30.10

at 16.00-20.00 (closed Saturdays and Sundays)

Muranów station, ul. Map of Anders 13
Opening of the exhibition entitled 16.10 hours 19.00

Project originator and exhibition curator: Anna Madejska

The exhibition “Art Spa – art as an antidote” focuses on countless therapeutic art artists: both for the artists themselves and for artists. The antidote to the current crisis is seeing art as a positive catalyst in healing individuals, societies and the environment. Artists will play the role of mentors with the power to enchant reality, transform emotions and the ability to seek experience through creative action.

In Art as Therapy, Alain de Botton will explain that art “is a therapeutic medium that can act as a guide, show directions, encourage, comfort and help in becoming a version of oneself”. The author calls for the use of “a new method of interpreting art: art as a form of therapy.”

Artists! We accept the application
to participate in the exhibition. Deadline for submission
applications: Fri 25/09 hours. 17

In the developing field of neurobiology, it has been proven time and again that improving cognitive, sensory, motor and immune functions, as well as increasing self-esteem. Among the many benefits of creating and communing with art, stress reduction is now important.

The artists participating in the Art Spa – Art as an Antidote exhibition will present their works at a two-week exhibition in the exhibition space of the Muranów Station and on our website. The exhibition will be expanded with a multimedia part, within which stories should be created in the form of sound recordings. These recordings will shed light on how the works and the creative process were created from the perspective of the benefits it brings.

Full of accompanying schedules, incl. concerts and meetings will be published soon.

Project co-financed by the instruments of the Capital City of Of Warsaw as part of the Mobilni w Kultura program.